Food Around The World!

Representing food from 8 different countries, including America, British, China, Italy, Japan, Korea, Malaysia and Mexico.
Let people realize the cooking culture of these eight countries.



Hamburgers are coated with butter, mustard, tomato sauce, salad dressing on the buns, and then sandwiched two pieces of beef, tomato chips, onions, vegetables, cucumber and other food. Hamburgers are the main non-staple food.


Fish and Chips

Fish and Chips comes from British. It removes the bones from fish, coats the fish with flour after cut into pieces, and then fried with french fries, people can accompanied by different flavors of sauce at the time of eating.


Mr and Mrs Smith

Mr and Mrs Smith is a very famous Sichuan cuisine. Cow heart, cow tongue, beef tripe, and beef are usually the main ingredients, after marinating, and then sliced them. Coupled with chili oil, pepper and other ingredients on top.



Pizza is a food that originated in Italy and is popular around the world. The usual practice of pizza is covered with tomato sauce, cheese and other ingredients on the fermented round cake and baked in the oven.



Udon is a Japanese noodle. It is made of wheat, There are special provisions in thickness and length. Udon is an indispensable food of the Japanese restaurant. The most classic Japanese udon, can not do without beef and broth.



Bibimbap is Korean unique rice dishes, South Korea's representative food. It is very popular in Asian. Bibimbap is mainly rice, meat, eggs, bean sprouts, mushrooms and all kinds of wild vegetables.


Malaysia Rice noodles

Malaysia Rice noodles is made of washed rice which ground into powder, add water to let them mix into a paste, put them into mushiki and steam them into sheet, after cooling cut into strips.



Tortilla is a famous Mexican food. Grilled chicken marinated in pasilla chilli, shaved cabbage, guacamole, pico de gallo, smoked corn, chipotle aioli, Fonda salsa on a blue corn tortilla.